Cristal Gateway

Cristal Gateway Chinese Institute was founded in 2009. For the last 10 years, we have trained more than 700 students from 35 countries. They included Consular officers and family members, English teachers, performing artists, athletes, designers, foreign students and the leaders and staff of multinational companies. Our team provides a variety of courses using sophisticated teaching methods to meet the different demands of students. At Gateway Chinese Language Institute, you will benefit from an unmatched fun, unique, and systematic learning experience.

The characteristic teaching style in Cristal Gateway not only can help students study with pleasure in class, but also use the knowledge very well in daily life. What should be mentioned is that Cristal Gateway pays more attention to the Chinese culture and customs in teaching. As the most basic communication method, language is just like a gate that opens a different world to people. Cristal Gateway' s logo shows this teaching character. The logo is formed by black and white, which are the colors of Chinese four stationery treasures. The black part imitates Chinese seal and the shape of it is a gate in Chinese ancient time. If Chinese language is a bridge which connects the culture between China and other countries, Cristal Gateway would be pleasure to be a gate which opens the language culture to outside.