Chinese kung fu and fantasy web fiction becomes hot in US!



Wuxia World

Recently a two-year-old website,, surprised many Chinese people by its great popularity in the US.
The website is a platform for sharing English versions of Chinese kung fu(中国功夫 zhōngguó gōngfu) and fantasy online novels(网络小说 wǎngluò xiǎoshuō ) translated by Chinese martial arts lovers.


According to data from Alexa, the website ranked 1,525 in the world and 986 in the US, with more than 3 million daily page views, 241,211 daily unique visitors, and 2,475,861 monthly unique visitors (in the light of IFABC Global Web Standards, a unique user is “an IP address plus a further identifier.)


With a black Chinese dragon(中国龙 zhōngguó lóng) blazing across the top of its homepage, now has seven completed translations of Chinese fantasy and martial arts web fiction.


Kung fu Novel

Thirty-year-old Lai Jingping, whose online usernames is RWX, the original founder of the website, is a faithful reader(读者 dúzhě) of Chinese martial arts novels.
As he immigrated with his parents to the US from Chengdu in Sichuan province when he was three, RWX only speaks a little Chinese at home and knew little of Chinese characters. The Chinese he first learned is Sichuan dialect(四川方言 sìchuān fāngyán) that sounds a bit different from Mandarin(普通话 pǔtōnghuà ).


The 1995 TV series, Return of the Condor Heroes (神雕侠侣 shén diāo xiá lǚ ), based on Louis Cha’s novel, aroused RWX’s curiosity about Chinese. And in 2004, he began to study Chinese at the University of California, Berkeley.
RWX first tried to translate Louis Cha’s works by himself, for English versions of Chinese kung fu novels were rare and very expensive in the US.


In 2014, one of his friends from Vietnam introduced him to Chinese fantasy and martial arts web fiction.
“It was difficult to buy Chinese contemporary novels in America. And traditional Chinese culture(中国传统文化 zhōngguó chuántǒng wénhuà ) is too complex for American people to understand. However online fantasy web novels about Chinese kung fu are easier to understand,” RWX said.


Fantasy Novel

The first Chinese online fantasy novel he read was Stellar Transformations, and he translated the another of the author’s work, Coiling Dragon(盘龙 pánlóng).
“Our website is more like a translation platform. Now we have had 20 to 30 projects and each project is charged by a team of seven to eight translators. Some teams only have one translator, such as the one for the novel, I Shall Seal the Heavens,” RWX said.


RWX said that Western readers are more interested in Chinese online novels about history(历史 lìshǐ), fantasy(幻想 huànxiǎng), kung fu and time-travel(穿越 chuānyuè) rather than romances.


Literature Website

At first, their team would get authorization from online writers before translating a work, and later found literature websites(文学网站 wénxué wǎngzhàn) owned the authorization rather the creators. recently launched a cooperative agreement(合作协议 hézuò xiéyì ) with, the first Chinese internet literature website.


Now there are about 20 active Chinese-to-English translation groups consisting of ethnic Chinese and Chinese learners from around the world.


Reader Feedback

Kevin Cazad, a software programmer, resorted to drugs to alleviate his pain after breaking up with his girlfriend. Severe drug addiction caused him physical and mental pain, even threatening his life at times. But things changed in 2014, when Cazad first came across online Chinese literature.


In 2015, Kevin Cazad posted messages on about his own story.


I’ll try to be brief, in 2014 I had a breakup with a woman I was with for 2 years. After that I had a bit of a…problem, I got into drugs, I got addicted to Coke.
In February of this year I had did my last line and all of a sudden my heart started beating uncontrollably and I felt a deep pressure appear on the left side of my body all the way down. I thought I was having a heart attack. From that day on I felt that pressure every day, sometimes the pressure would build up and as it did I would actually have a hard time thinking clearly and get lightheaded.
And one day I was introduced to Coiling Dragon, immediately I fell in love. Once I got caught up with that I moved on to MGA, ATG and ISSTH etc… Basically Wuxiaworld took up all my time and I was able to forget about wanting any drugs…
About a month ago I noticed the pressure started to dissipate, and as it did my vision and thoughts have also started to clear up and also sometimes I can hear a sound in my head like water being slowly drained through a straw…
What would have happened if I never found wuxiaworld and been able to stave off my addiction? I really want to say I feel your novels have probably saved my life so thank you… really.
“In the past, whenever I went home, all my attention was on drugs. But when I go home now, the only thing that occupies my mind is Chinese web novels. Like drugs, they can also become an addiction, but the difference is that they can’t harm your health,” Cazad told the Southern Weekly during an interview, adding that he used to finish five volumes of a popular Chinese web novel named “Coiling Dragon” in a single day.
Cazad’s story shocked “I eat tomatoes”, the author of the book, who told the Southern Weekly that he never expected so much enthusiasm from a foreign reader.


“Many readers have written letters to me, saying that my web novel reshaped their understanding of life. Some even attribute their achievements to inspiration they got from my books. It was like, are you guys kidding me?”